Retooling For The New Economy


Where Did The Jobs Go?

As you know things have gotten better in our nation than where they were 8 years ago. Eight years ago was the time that the global recession started and no country was free from its wrath. Many western countries were hit especially hard on all levels. We saw our real estate market burst, we saw banks stop lending and we saw huge unemployment. Today, more people are at work but they have not reclaimed the wealth that the recession stole from them. We will look at where the economy is going and how finances will improve in the future.

Where Are People Working?

This is a huge question and it is one that explains a major issue that we face. The problem is that we have put more people to work but we have not put them in jobs that meet their training or past income level. What this means is that yes we have gone back to work but mostly to low paying jobs. There are also stats that claim many are working part time jobs to make enough money to survive. This is a far cry from the high times we were on before the recession. This is an issue that we will all have to come together to remedy.

Where Will The New Growth Come From

A huge question is where will the new jobs come from and which industries are growing. If you read the last section, then things might seem more grim than they actually are. There are things to look forward to and there are paths that will regrow the middle class. These things take reshaping how we think about work or a middle class job. One of the areas that has seen the most growth are skilled labor jobs. These are labor jobs that take on the job training, a 2 year technical education or certification. A lot of these jobs pay in the 35k to 75k range that makes up the bulk of the middle class. The problem is that there are all these jobs but not enough people to fill them. We must reeducate and retool the middle class.

The Neo-Thought Workers

The new white collar jobs have become more technology, internet, service and niche based. A lot of opportunities have come and an economy has grown around servicing these industries in various capacities. This does take for a more educated and savvy risk taking worker and entrepreneurial sense but it is well worth it.

Earning money online and in other ways

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A lot of people don’t want to have to have a normal 9 to 5 job like most other people. Those that wish to get a little more out of what they do at a job like that may want something different to work on at home too. Here you’ll learn about earning money online and in ways you may not have thought about before.

The way you can make money from home is to just network with people that have it available. For instance, you can ask around and see if anyone needs your help with creating a website. You can even do this in person, just go to places where people leave business cards on the counter. If there is nothing that indicates they have a website, or if they are the owner of a poorly built one, you can contact them to ask if they need help.

When you’re working on more ways to develop your income, you’ll find that it’s hard to determine what your time is worth. Just look at what other people charge for the same work, and you can go a tiny bit lower. Just don’t sell yourself short, because doing work for people privately instead of through a business means there are less people that get to handle the money. This means you should get a little more than someone who runs a shop that does what you’re doing from home on your own time. You just have to be willing to provide great work quickly.

One good thing to work on right now is to learn more in your free time through free online courses. There are many places that have reputable college courses, for instance, that you can take right now without having to pay anything. Of course, you can also pay to get into school and have even more knowledge come your way. If you’re smart about what you are doing, you should come to find that there are many more opportunities that you can get than someone that may be just starting out in the field.

Earning a lot of money is possible if you’re smart about it and keep your eyes opened for new opportunities. There are a lot out there to choose from, so don’t be afraid to give these tips a try to see if you get great results.


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Bitcoin is probably one of the most novel invention in this information. It’s money that you can trade for a dollar, yet it’s not tied to a national government or central bank.

There was a time when Bitcoin enjoyed extreme popularity and the pioneers enjoyed a huge jump in the value of this cryptocurrency, from zero dollar to $800. This popularity is largely because of the fact that there are many establishments that use it as a payment options. And by “establishments”, we don’t just mean websites, we also mean brick-and-mortar establishments.

Yet over the past few years, Bitcoin has also experienced a lot of challenges beginning with the bankruptcy of one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges called Mt Gox. Next came China’s clamp down on this currency. And the price of one bitcoin has taken a nosedive from $800 to $240 at the time of this writing. So, are we seeing the end of Bitcoin and bitcoin trading?

Not necessarily. The cryptocurrency is slowly experiencing a resurgence with different financial establishments financially supporting Bitcoin-based ventures like in the case of Goldman Sachs supporting Circle Internet Financial. And then there are the stock exchanges recognizing Bitcoin. All in all, despite the huge drop in price, Bitcoin is still good.

In fact, now might be the best time to buy Bitcoin because of the low price and the fact that there are still establishment-type supporters of this currency. So you could buy Bitcoin for $240, hold on to it for a few months or years, and then wait for the price to increase by at least $100. If you buy 1,000 worth of Bitcoin, you could be earning $400 in just one day. If that sounds like good money that you can use in a day, it is.  So go ahead and find a good Bitcoin exchange.

There are many Bitcoin exchanges out there, however, just like anything else, not all of these exchanges are created alike, and there are those that are really better than others. Before you sign up with any exchange, you should research on which ones will give you the best rates. More importantly, you need to find out which companies are to use.

When it comes to ease of use, Circle Internet Financial holds a lot of promise.  However, the website is still in its development stages – you need to wait for some time.

Five things to know about bitcoin

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Is Bitcoin real money? How can you obtain Bitcoin? You might be asking yourself all kinds of questions if you are not familiar with this currency. Here are a few things you need to know about Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin real money?

Yes and no. Bitcoin is a real currency since you can pay for goods and services with it, at least through businesses that accept this currency. Bitcoin is not regulated by any financial institution like other currencies and only exists in a virtual format.

What can you use Bitcoin for?

Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment by an increasing number of online businesses, and some brick and mortar businesses are starting to accept this currency as well. There are even services that accept Bitcoin transactions and will order any product you want from any merchant that does not accept Bitcoin.

How can you obtain Bitcoin?

You can purchase Bitcoin from a broker or an individual seller. You can also gain Bitcoin by mining, which consists in running a computer program that reviews and records transactions made with this currency. Every time a block of data is reviewed, you are rewarded with a Bitcoin. Mining requires you to invest in a fast computer and to let it run all the time.

Can you get rich with mining for Bitcoin?

You will not get rich enough to quit your full-time job, but you can earn some money with very little work required. You should figure out how much running a computer all the time will cost you to make sure mining is interesting. Set some earning goals before getting into mining so that you do not end up losing money.

What is the Bitcoin economy like?

There are a few major players on this market, namely companies that specialize in selling and holding Bitcoin. These companies can impact the value of Bitcoin in function of what they offer at the moment. There is a lot of freedom on this market since this is not a regulated currency, but there is also a lot of demand since this currency is becoming more popular and more people see value in purchasing Bitcoin and keeping them.

Bitcoin is unlike any other currency since it is entirely virtual and is not regulated. Holding some Bitcoin could be interesting since the value of this currency has been going up since it was first introduced.

How yo make money with bitcoin

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It is possible to earn money with Bitcoin if you are willing to learn a few things about this crypto-currency. Keep in mind that the value of Bitcoin depends on offer and demand and that prices can drop at anytime, which means making money with Bitcoin is not always a sure thing.

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency. In other words, Bitcoin is money that only exists online. It can be stored in a virtual wallet and send via electronic payments. There are a few different ways of making money with Bitcoin.

You can purchase Bitcoins from a broker. You will find people who sell this currency on popular auction sites but can usually get better prices if you go through websites that specialize in selling Bitcoins or purchase Bitcoins from another individual on a message board dedicated to this topic.

You can gain money by keeping the Bitcoins you purchased until they become more valuable. Since more people are learning about this currency every day and more businesses are accepting it as a mean of payment, it is probably that the value of Bitcoin will keep increasing. However, there are a number of events that could cause it to lose value.

You need to learn a few things about the Bitcoin economy. The main Bitcoin brokers can have an impact on prices depending on what they offer, and the general demand for this currency also drives prices up or down. In the past, large companies have disappeared and caused Bitcoin to lose value due to a general loss of trust in this market.

There is another way to earn Bitcoins. You can mine for Bitcoins by installing a program on your computer and letting it run to process Bitcoin transactions. This is how this currency work. No one is regulating it, but a network of users are lending their computing power to check and record every transaction made with this currency. These users are rewarded with new Bitcoins, which are created as the number of transaction processed increases.

You do not have to spend money to obtain Bitcoins if you decide to mine, but there are other costs to take into consideration. You will have to spend money on equipment, including a computer if you do not already have one, more RAm and a cooling system. Your computer will be running all the time, which should make your electricity bill go up.

All about making yourself financially free with bitcoin

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Many people who get into the Bitcoin business often do so with the hope that they can make a lot of money with this cryptocurrency.  In this post, nevertheless, we’re going to let you know a little more about Bitcoin and its particular position worldwide today.

Bitcoin is actually on downward trend in its price. It used to be traded for $800. Right now, the highest price that you can get for it is $240, which is a really huge fall. But this really is good news because it makes this currency more accessible for a lot of  people. The only question is, when you can you become profitable?

You can actually make money in the day-to-day fluctuations in the price. While it trades at the baseline $240, there are days when it trades for $239 or $241 and you can buy and sell them for quick but small profits. However, if you really want to make money with Bitcoin, you hold on to it for the long term  and see the price increase by at least $100. In our opinion, it won’t be long before that happens.

While there are many governments that don’t recognize Bitcoin, the major countries do, and this is the difference that makes a difference in its continuing survival. Also, there are many large finance institutions such as Goldman Sachs that are backing up Bitcoin-based startup companies.

For those who don’t know, Goldman Sachs is supporting Circle Internet Financial, an internet based company that offers people a platform where they can easily buy and sell bitcoins, and send  and receive Bitcoin payments. The website seamless converts Bitcoin into the US dollar and vice versa.

So, despite the many setbacks that Bitcoin is experiencing right now that is affecting its price you ca expect for the price to increase as it hits rock bottom. This has always been the trend of the different currencies in the world.

IF you don’t trade  Bitcoins, you can mine them, However, you need to possess a powerful personal computer dedicated to mining. But even without a power computer, you can still take your existing PC and use it to mine with others.

For additional info on ways to mine Bitcoin by yourself or with other individuals, there are lots of sites out there that are free of charge and have this information in greater detail.

Buy bitcoin and gain financial freedom?

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Most people who buy Bitcoin do so in the hope that they will be able to gain from it and gain financial freedom. In this article, however, we’re going to tell you more about Bitcoin and its status in the world right now.

Bitcoin is actually experiencing a downturn in its price, and while it used to trade for $800, the most you can get right now, if you’re mining Bitcoin, is $240. But for traders, this really is good news because it makes this currency more accessible, although there’s no telling when they might become profitable.

In any case, if you’re thinking of buying Bitcoin because you want to make some quick profits, don’t even think about it. However, if you could only wait for a little bit, like a few short months, you could make money.

In order to make money with Bitcoins, it’s either you trade it or you mine it.

In the preceding paragraphs, we were actually talking about trading. As we said before, the price of one Bitcoin is right now $240. When the price will rise is anyone’s guess. However, if you look at the news today, it’s entirely possible for the price to rise rapidly. This is because Wall Street has officially opened its doors to Bitcoin. And different financial institutions like Goldman Sachs are backing up consumer services companies like Circle Internet Financial, which offer to send and receive money in US dollars and Bitcoin and exchange these two currencies easily.

With low price of $240, now is actually the best time to invest in Bitcoin. How do you do just that? You can by going to Bitcoin exchanges. There are many of them out there, however, just like anything else, not all of them are created alike.

Whatever you do, only deal with an exchange that is backed up by a large financial firm. Do your research on which are the most reputable exchanges because it’s your money we’re talking.

You could also mine Bitcoins, however, you do need to have a very powerful computer to mine data chains. But even if you don’t have a powerful super computer, you can still mine this cryptocurrency by mining it with others.

For more information on how you can mine Bitcoin alone or with others, there are many websites out there that have free and more detailed information on the subject.

can you really make money with bitcoin?


IF you’re like most people, you’ve probably already heard about Bitcoin and how it is making people lose a lot of money or earn a lot of money, depending on when you first heard about it. In this article, we’re going to talk more about Bitcoin and how you can leverage it to your advantage. But first, here’s a primer on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a crypto currency, meaning that is virtual money that is circulated only on the web.  Unlike fiat currencies like the dollar, it is driven by pure supply and demand, and not other factors like the state of the economy and speculation.

There was a time in the past when Bitcoin was valued at $800 for one Bitcoin. Right now, however, the price has taken a nosedive and it now trades for $240. So, does that mean you can’t make money anymore with Bitcoin? Not necessarily.

There are many Bitcoin exchanges out there where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. Like forex trading brokers, the price of Bitcoin actually fluctuates, although not on a minute-by-minute basis like forex . The price of Bitcoin rises and/or falls depending on news pertaining to its recognition by national governments and news on the different bitcoin exchanges.

If you ask us, we actually think now is the best time to buy Bitcoin. Why? Because the price are dirt cheap, and there’s no telling when the price might rise again.

Although countries like China have clamped down on Bitcoin usage, there are still many countries out there whose citizens use it to increase their purchasing power. A very good example are the people in Argentina.

Buying low and selling high, there’s another way that you can make money with Bitcoin: You mine it and then you use it to buy for things online. There are many stores out there that accept Bitcoin payments. So, if you have a powerful computer that can mine Bitcoin, you can actually get things for free with a Bitcoin purchase.

Take note, however, that it takes a very powerful computer to generate one Bitcoin. If you don’t have this kind resource, you can always go to websites that offer co-mining opportunities. Essentially, what you do is you mine Bitcoin with other people and share the output.

Again, what you do with the money really depends on whether you just want to buy stuff or want to exchange for real money.